24 December 2010

Christmas eve

My Christmas tree.

Christmas cards

23 December 2010

10 December 2010

A few words on Lenny. Squeeze installed.

Some time ago I wrote a blog entry entitled "The best debian release ever (imo)" or something similar. Well my conclusion at that time was: 'Etch' but now after installing Squeeze if I had to write the article again I would conclude: 'Lenny' What's the matter?

I have reached a very simple conclusion. Once you have the system up and running; all software is stable and all config files and all scripts are ready and at work you just can't do without it. I love installing Debian. I have done it on many occasions. Sometimes it's a breeze and sometimes it is a pain, but nevertheless it takes a lot of time and effort to configure your system to your liking. That is one of the great achievements of Debian but at the same time it's one of its flaws since it is a bit hard and daunting for the new user. That is why newbies usually choose Ubuntu or Mint or whatever... But in the end with a bit of experience they'll come round and that's for sure.

I once read a sentence that made me laugh because I felt identified with it: "Ubuntu: An African word that means: I can't configure my Debian" it's hilarious but it's true. Ubuntu is too faulty. Debian rules. In a couple of years I suppose I'll be writing another entry reading like this: 'My favourite debian release: Squeeze' But all this could be summarized by saying: 'My favourite debian release? Answer: Any!!! As long as it is Debian GNU/Linux!!!! Forever!!!

09 December 2010


eeepc 701 as freenas server

You wouldn't believe it if I had told you. Nor even I could have imagined such awesome invention some time ago. So I had to take these snapshots to prove it.

In a previous post I had warned you that I was getting my fingers on freenas. This usually means that some weird experiment is forging. Then I got this great idea: I've got an eeepc (extra low power consumption) and a Toshiba usb hard drive (low power as well). Combined together with an amazing piece of software such  as freenas is I could easily set up a powerful home nas server to connect to from all my other machines.

The problem with usb hard drives is that in order to transfer data to/from them you need to have them attached to a computer. This is a bit expensive in terms of power consumtion, apart from not being very handy. This way, attached to a cheap eeepc your electricity bill will not suffer at all.

Now there are many affordable NAS systems out there. But with this invention you can transform any usb hard disk drive into a powerful home network server. If you connect it to the internet you can also have your data availble from everywhere.

Freenas server & desktop client

08 December 2010

Text only mirror site

Today I have finished writing a very dirty shell script that automatically creates a text version of this site once a month. That is to say a mirror site updated on a monthly basis. You can take a look at it here

You may wonder why the text version is not a 'real text' version but a cheap copy of the actual site. Well there are several mandatory reasons for that:

1st The hosting server demands an index document in .htm format
2nd I have tried to process html files with html2text but it unfortunately does not render optimal results.

Well if anyone is interested in the code I'll publish it here. The performance is as follows:

- The script first tests working conditions and makes clean.
- Then it downloads the entire site and turns it into text. Both things using for loops.
- After that it uploads it to the server.
- Finally it sends me and e-mail to confirm success.

TODO: -Consider creating a section of useful scripts???
           - Test mirror site with w3m and lynx. (I have tested it with elinks and it works great)

07 December 2010

Bringing back memories

Yesterday I didn't remember when I had exactly started using Debian. Tried hard but couldn't recall. I know for sure that the first version I installed was 3.0 Woody and shortly after Sarge 3.1 appeared. So today I have checked the history of Debian releases and it turns out that Woody appeared in 2002 and Sarge in 2005. This makes sense. As I told you yesterday I started learning linux in 2004 and became a full time user in 2005. So I moved from Woody to Sarge straight away.

The first linux version I ever tried and installed was S.u.S.E 9.2 professional. oh! It brings back so many memories ...

06 December 2010

Five years using GNU/Linux


As I have told my friends a million times I began fiddling with linux in 2004.  A year or so after buying 'Odd' I fell in love with it but it did not become my only true blue love until late 2005. I don't exactly remember when. Anyway it is now five years of giving and taking. That's what love is all about, ain't that so?

What I do not quite recall is when my beloved Debian came into sight. Too bad I don't remember one of the best moments of my life. But I think it didn't take long after discovering that rpm was not my thing.

What may the future bring? I do not know for sure. I think there will be a move to something new, something like GNU/Hurd. Debian GNU/Hurd for us diehard debian users.

Well I would like to explain this a bit further but by now I'm starving to death. I gotta have dinner ;-)

05 December 2010


freenas webgui on my eeepc

Freenas is an awesome piece of software. I have tried it in my network for some time and I love it.

Anyway I need to know it better to write more in depth.

04 December 2010

Shutdown computer as a regular user (howto)

I sometimes need to shutdown one of my desktop machines after a long download. I was looking for a way to do it unattendedly. I found this curious method

In short:

1. Add these alias to .bashrc
alias halt="sudo /sbin/halt"
alias reboot="sudo /sbin/reboot"

2. Edit visudo
username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/halt, /sbin/reboot
(I actually had to edit it like this in my Lenny ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL)

3. Now I just need to make sure the download finishes to power off. I use something similar to this:
wget download ; shutdown -h now

Instead of that, if I were sure about the time of the download I could use the command like this:
shutdown -h + 45 (To delay it for 45 minutes) or shutdown -h 15:30 (To delay it until half past three pm)
That's it.

03 December 2010

Let's automatize it!!!

I have devised a way to automatize the synchronization of files over ftp using lftp. I found the inspiration on as I told you in my previous post. I have written a here document like this:
#! /bin/bash
#script to automatize synchronization using lftp

lftp <<EOF
open -u user,password -p [port] [server]
mirror -c -e /remote_directory /local_directory
open -u user,password -p [port] [server]
mirror -c -e -R /local_directory /remote_directory

Now you know the drill:
I gave it execute permission: chmod +x
Then I put it in my $PATH (/usr/local/bin is a nice place to visit ;))
I added it to my crontab (or anacrontab if you prefer)

That's it!!! Now my directories synchronize automatically everyday. Maybe there is an ever better way to do it but that's the way I devised it and it works!!!

UPDATE: As usual there seems to be a better way to achieve this. I have found it here You can use 'at' with lftp:

lftp at 00:00 ... & (Thus the process runs in the background at 12)

27 November 2010

FTP synchronization

I have found a very nice way of synchronizing local and remote directories over ftp using lftp and following this easy-to-understand article at

The procedure is quite simple. To download from the server you need to create a file named download.x and write (with your data):

open -u user,password -p [port] [server]
mirror -c -e /remote_directory /local_directory

To upload files to the server you need to create another file named upload.x and write (with your data):

open -u user,password -p [port] [server]
mirror -c -e -R /local_directory /remote_directory

To download files simply type 'lftp -f download.x' at the command line.
To upload files simply type 'lftp -f upload.x' at the command line.

That's it. Of course you can automatize these actions with cron or anacron.

01 November 2010

Writing hybrid .iso images (howto)

I'm writing this short blog entry on how to write hybrid .iso images because I have found very little useful information on the net myself. There is no technical info here, just simple, easy to follow steps because in fact it is a very straightforward logical thing to do.

After some time trying GNU/linux live cds, I had almost mastered the art of burning iso images to cds (and dvds). Some time before the debian live project was started I began to become familiar with the .img images to copy to usb pendrives. Well, sometimes I used .iso and sometimes .img. Depending on the target: cd or usb.

The present

And then some day a new technology appeared: Hybrid images. The word hybrid is self-explanatory enough. They can be burnt to any device. There is no need to choose between iso or img anymore. Just download hybrid isos and that's it. Burning isos to cds is a straightforward usual thing. You can use wodim at the command line or alternatively use your preferred GUI program to burn isos: K3b, brasero, gnomebaker, xcdroast or whatever. At the command line simply type:

 ~$ wodim -v speed=0 dev=/dev/hdc  debian-live-60alpha2-i386-gnome-desktop.iso

And when it comes to copying them to a usb pendrive? Here is where I found myself at a loss. I googled for information but I couldn't find the answer. But nevermind, it's as easy as a horse to ride. Just treat the hybrid iso as a normal img file. I always use dd. Follow these steps.

1. Open a terminal.
2. cd to where the iso image is located. For instance:
  ~$ cd downloads
3. Type: dd if="input file" of="output file" For instance:
  ~$  dd if=debian-live-60alpha2-i386-kde-desktop.iso of=/dev/sda1
It's easy to do!!!

The future

Well, I hope this helps. I was in doubt whether this information could be useful or not. Perhaps it is so evident that noone has any question regarding the subject. But just in case ... here it is.

The future will bring new technologies and hopefully we'll be there to try them out, to give our opinion on them and if possible to suggest ideas and improvements, that's what we are up to!!!

31 October 2010

The command line thing

I have been a regular linux user for five years now and the more I learn the more I feel that I have a whole new universe to learn ahead, which is cool and it's one of the reasons why I'm so hooked on Debian GNU/Linux. I'm going to tell you what I've learnt this week in short although I think I should write another entry so that it can be easily indexed by spiders in case anyone is googling for that specific info. But before that let me tell you that I have reached a huge conclusion:

It's that command line programs make our lives better and our tasks easier!!! Sure. I used to be a bit scared of the terminal thing but I'm more and more hooked on it. I use it so much that now I couldn't live without. The best use is to write and execute shell scripts. I'm just a beginner but with a little help of google I can say that I'm beginning to know my way into that fine art. (Simple but powerful scripts, it's all that matters).

This week I have used two CLI programs. Wodim (I had used cdrecord long ago) to write (hybrid) .iso images to cds and scrot to take screenshots. The amazing thing is that once I get used to these programs I prefer them to their GUI counterparts. For instance, now I use wget to download from the internet rather than d4x.

22 October 2010

My backup script (improved)

Some months ago I published "Backup with rsync" one of my shell scripts because I had tried several backup utilities but none suited my needs. But as so many things in life you  never finish a script. You keep on thinking about different ways to improve it. So it grows bigger and (hopefully) better. I have changed the location of the backup, instead of using a usb pendrive I bought a toshiba usb hard drive (1Tb) and added two useful features. One is the date and time in the log file and the other is that the script now sends me an e-mail with the log file.
I started working with mutt including the log file as an attachment but I think that this way it is even easier. Nevertheless I think I'll continue working with the script. I might use it to make remote backups.

Feel free to use it or adapt it to your liking and also to let me know if it useful for you. Here it is:

#! /bin/bash

#This is a very simple backup script using rsync. It copies files to a (local) usb hard drive       asuming that it is already mounted. If not, I recommend using pmount.
# The ampersand sign is used to redirect standard error to a logfile.
# I use it with anacron. (15 minutes after startup)
# I have added date and time as useful information.
# I have also added a line to send me a daily report to my e-mail address. #MAD short for Mail ADdress
rsync -rlptoDvh  --delete /home/chals/*. /media/USB-HDD/backups &> asb.log
echo $(date) >> asb.log
mail -s "Automatically Sent Backup report" $MAD < /asb.log

12 September 2010

Lou Gramm

I do not remember ever mentioning in this blog that one of my all-time favourite singers is Lou Gramm. He is possibly best know for his work with Foreigner (And a little bit among followers with Shadow King). I am a huge Foreigner fan but what always led me on was Lou's voice. I have all his records both with bands and solo.

His latest project is the Lou Gramm Band. They have published an excellent Christian rock album. I have bought it today at amazon. I have also bought Foreigner's album  with Kelly Hansen, a great singer.

I must confess that I like all Foreigner singers. I loved the "Unusual heat" album with Johnny Edwards and I also love "Can't slow down" with Kelly Hansen. Lot of talent and savoir faire.

05 September 2010

Weather vane

This is my latest project: It's a weather vane. It's not (made to be) functional. It's just a decoration, made out of pure hobby.  I designed and made it last August. I put it in place today. I'm uploading several pictures for you to see the whole process. I hope you like it. I really love it.

18 August 2010

And yet another nephew!!!

My nephew Ibai was born today. I'm really happy and excited about it. I can't wait to meet him.

01 August 2010

Favourite chicks

There are 5 chicks altogether but my nephew chose his favourite two and named them: Blackandwhite and Whiteandblack



18 July 2010

(One of many) Miracles of life

Today I have witnessed another miracle of life. Five little chicken hatched in my incubator after the scheduled 21 days. Last year I tried different types of eggs but without any result. This year I have done it. Success!!! Look at the pictures.

06 June 2010

One year blogging

I have been checking the webpage for mistakes because during this summer I intend to update it a bit. Especially the mirror site which is completely out of date. So this is what I am going to be up to during the following months.

And guess what? I have realised that the first blog entry at weebly was in June 2009, exactly one year ago. So happy blogday!!!

Now I need to go out for a while, ride my bike and breathe some fresh air.
I suppose this is my traditional farewell  until autumn. I may occasionally publish some new entries during summer but it's not very likely. See you soon.


05 June 2010

TLCL - The Linux Command Line

 This past week I have been so focused on this new book I got that I've hardly had time to think about anything else. This awesome masterpiece was written by William E. Shotts, Jr. An expert in teaching linux at the CLI (Command Line Interface). You can visit his website at or follow his blog at

When I started learning linux back in 2004 I read his entire website and I even downloaded a copy of the site to keep it as a reference when I was offline. It helped me a lot. Most of all to be able to understand how commands and scripts worked. At that time I was only able to  read and understand some very simple scripts. I had trouble compiling from source and so on and so forth. A typical linux newbie thing lol

In time I have learnt some more things. I can  use the command line to carry out several tasks like editing configuration files or do some more complex admin work on servers but most of all I know my way around a Linux system much better. Now after such a long time, revisiting his writings has encouraged me to try new things like for example building an all-text workstation (Though I have to admit that the example being a Debian system has helped me a lot to decide to do it) I have also tried to write very easy and simple scripts. They might look a bit silly or naive or something of the kind to real linux experts. But they -these scripts- help me a lot in my everyday system admin tasks. Especially when it comes to backing up important data.

And last but not least, though this might sound even sillier, I have taken into consideration the idea of writing a book!!! No, wait wait, don't get me wrong. I do NOT by any means imply that if Mr. Shotts has been able to write and publish a book then every man can, no no! What I mean is that it impressed me that he has managed to write an extraordinary book in a very professional fashion by simply using some of the tools that we all have at hands reach like openoffice. That together with a lot of talent and imagination.

I should get down to work and start writing that book. The only problem is what about!!! Well don't worry those of you who know me are aware that I'm a very stubborn person both in its positive and negative meaning. It's all a matter of time until I find the inspiration and time to start work.

Thanks William E. Shotts, Jr. for being there, for teaching us all so well and for your inspiration and encouragement. Keep up the good work!!! I still haven't finished reading the book but I am already looking forward to your next one. What about TLCL part 2?

01 June 2010

Backup with rsync

rsync is an amazing piece of software that can be used as a powerful backup tool. I made a very small and very simple backup script using rsync to save important files to a usb pendrive. After some trial and error, it is very handy.
I devised a small trick which consists in putting a dot at the end of only the files I want to include in the backup. This way, when I create a directory that I want to have copied to the usb I only have to name it with a dot at the end and it's done. The script is as follows:

#! /bin/bash
#This is a very simple backup script using rsync. It copies files to a usb pendrive assuming that it is already mounted. If not, use the mount command as root or pmount (Maybe better)
#The ampersand sign is used to redirect standard error to a logfile.
#Good idea to use it with cron. My crontab is 0 21 * * *
rsync -rlptoDvh  --delete /home/chals/*. /media/KINGSTON/ &> asb.log

I named the script 'asb'. It is a play on words with the name of our internet association (asc). 'asb' stands for advanced system backup. lol

29 May 2010

Hamster park

Look what an awesome hamster park we built this afternoon. It's a hamster park to let the hamsters run and play under control on a wider area than their regular cage. This way we can interact and play with them. It was great fun!!!

23 May 2010

Little hamsters 3

Let me introduce you to the new member of our hamster family. Its name is "Kiwi" and it belongs to my nephew.

20 May 2010

Code Lyoko sticker collection finished!!!

We have finally finished completing the official sticker collection of Code Lyoko, our favourite TV cartoon series. We bought hundreds of stickers untill we only had twenty to go. I ordered them to the factory through their website.

We did it!!! Here it is!!!


16 May 2010

Little hamsters 2

They are almost a month old. It's about time to find a new home for them. Next week I'll say goodbye to several. I'll keep some though. I'll keep one or two little kids for my nephews. Have to think new names.

Taking care of them has been hard work. Not only for Yumi who's exhausted after a month of non-stop work but also for me. I've fed them and cleaned their cage three or four times a day. I think we both deserve a rest. No more offspring until next winter!!! Under any circumstances.

09 May 2010

Little hamsters

These are the first pictures of Skippy and Yumi's offspring. They are all chips off the old block. They all took after their black and white daddy Skippy. They are very friendly as well!!!

My nephew and me have decided to keep one and give away the rest to our family and friends. 

08 May 2010


Today we are celebrating my nephew's first communion with the family. We went a beautiful hermitage for the ceremony and had lunch at a great restaurant. Fun day!!! 

26 April 2010

More birthday presents

Look what my mum gave me for my birthday!!! I needed them. 

23 April 2010

Birthday 2010

Hi there,
Today is my birthday and my sister-in-law's too. We have celebrated it in my cottage spending a day out in the country. Everything was just fine but it started raining late in the afternoon. Too bad!!!

After that my nephew and me have feed the hamsters and checked the new born ones. They seem perfectly healthy. Their mother didn't mind us checking their nest. I'm glad about that because I thought she might get really angry after all I've read about them on the net. Anyway I need another cage. It's impossible that they all fit in this one when they grow up. It's 10 animals where there were only two!!! In less than a month I need to find people interested in adopting a hamster. Think about it!!! They are nice, friendly and cheap to keep. Interested?????

I'm publishing some pictures of my birthday presents as well as some photos of the celebration.

Brother in law (Typical photo)

Emperor penguin (car) 
In-laws [Hooked on the (same) phone]

Spongebob collection

Spongebob collection (again)

21 April 2010

Hooked on Tiny Core

I'm really hooked on Tiny Core Linux It's only 10MB. It's really awesome. I quote from their website for your information:

Tiny Core Linux is a very small (10 MB) minimal Linux GUI Desktop. It is based on Linux 2.6 kernel, Busybox, Tiny X, and Fltk. The core runs entirely in ram and boots very quickly. Also offered is Micro Core a 6 MB image that is the console based engine of Tiny Core. CLI versions of Tiny Core's program allows the same functionality of Tiny Core's extensions only starting with a console based system.

It is not a complete desktop nor is all hardware completely supported. It represents only the core needed to boot into a very minimal X desktop typically with wired internet access.

The user has complete control over which applications and/or additional hardware to have supported, be it for a desktop, a netbook, an appliance, or server, selectable by the user by installing additional applications from online repositories, or easily compiling most anything you desire using tools provided.

The latest version: 2.10

20 April 2010

Yumi's given birth

Today, exactly 20 days after Skippy and Yumi met for the first time, she has given birth to 8 lovely little hamsters. I hope everything goes fine and they grow healthy and strong.
(Usually they give birth between 16 - 18 days)

I suppose I'll have to buy a bigger cage. That's great! Weekend shopping!!!!!!!!!

12 April 2010


Last month I opened an Orange Savings Account at ING Direct a virtual bank owned by ING Group and I have to say that it is one of the best things I've done in my whole life. It works great and it is simply because they practice what they preach. I mean that they keep their promises. They are serious and efficient. I had a similar feeling when I switched my phone company to simyo

I changed because I started to feel like a prisoner with my former bank. I had to pay for using my own money!!! I do not usually have to care much about banking as you do not often have to worry about what you do not have.  Not having money is a great source of tranquility... But lately I've had to do several money operations which have revealed me the true nature of what's behind a smiling face at the counter.

Naming the full list of advantages of ING would maybe be too long. Let's cut it short by saying that I truly believe that I've made a change for the better. Fingers crossed again as usual!!!

11 April 2010

First tomato plants of the year!!!

This weekend I've been working in the garden for a while and I have prepared the first tomato plants of the season. Some may say it's way too soon because days are warm but some nights are still cold but I do not think they run any risk of freezing. At least I hope so. I watered them and as you can see they look perfect!!! This year the harvest is going to be extraordinary.

What else? Well as you can see in the picture there are a lot of stones but the soil around my cottage is rich but rocky. Nevermind a few little stones on the way. They are a nuisance only when it comes to remove weeds. But I use plastic to avoid them as much as possible.

09 April 2010


Apart from Puppy Linux I have also revisited DSL Damn Small Linux  A tiny linux distro of only 50 mb. Yes, I know it is possible to make even smaller bootable systems but this one is ok apart from being one of the most populars out there.

DSL works great out of the box. The only problem I have encountered though the different versions is that I haven't been able to properly configure my printers. The script didn't work with my former Epson and it doesn't  work with the HP either. Too bad, but it is a secondary issue for me as I only use DSL as a toy, similar to the way I use Puppy.

Puppy is more gorgeous and a bit more powerful for it includes more drivers out of the box. It also has a good package manager, similar to apt. Puppy is supposed to implement a debian compatible repository in a future release. Wait and see.

06 April 2010

usb modem speed test

Two months ago I bought an Alcatel X060 usb modem from Simyo. Unfortunately I haven't got any 3G network available so the usual speed in my village is 45 mbps. It's hilarious!!! But yesterday I tried it in the capital city and the results were pretty good. Here you can see the speed test. Its 1 Gb approximately, not bad at all to check mail in an unusual situation like this when you are not home.

There is just one thing. I still haven't been able to make the modem work with linux but it's just a matter of time.

05 April 2010

Easter Monday 2010

Sister and nephew preparing desserts

It's a very nice tradition to celebrate Easter Monday with chocolate eggs!!!

It's almost a tradition to publish it here in my blog.

Hope you had a nice day too!!!

03 April 2010

Pictures of Yumi

I promised to upload some pictures of Yumi, our new female hamster. You can see her playing with Skippy and with my nephew, her new house and food can. I hope you like them!!!

02 April 2010

Car fiasco????

It seems my Toyota Auris was defective. The gas pedal was sticky. I took it to the garage on Monday 29th March to have it fixed. To tell you the truth I haven't been able to try the fix out because yesterday Thursday 1st April the battery drained and although I charged it all night it is no use, it goes out in several hours. Too bad, I hope the guarantee covers that.

UPDATE (11th April, 2010): Fortunately I got a new battery replaced at the garage for free. The gas pedal seems to work just fine. I haven't been able to notice any other defect after the fix. Let's keep fingers crossed!!!

By the way yesterday I got the letter informing me of the possibility of a defect in the gas pedal. It's not that it arrives too late. It's just that I first received an e-mail from Toyota and took the car to the garage. And this letter comes from the Traffic Department of my country. Everything's ok. Of course I do not have to go to the service again (lol)

Now I can say again that 'I love my Toyota'. 

31 March 2010


Today I'm excited about the new member of our pet family. It's a female hamster we call Yumi. It's very young but she seems to get along well with our male Skippy but I have to prepare a new house for her because I do not think Skippy is willing to share his.

Tomorrow I'll try to upload some pictures.

27 March 2010

Puppy linux

This week I've been playing with a wonderful toy: Puppy linux (v.4.2 k I know it's more than just a toy. It's a full featured linux suite, only that it's small and lovely.

I discovered Puppy linux long ago, maybe five years or so. I took it really seriously in 2007 when (I learnt) it could be installed into a flash drive. I tried it in deep and even wrote a howto (in Spanish) for the asc website. I spent hours and hours playing with my puppy.

This time I have almost exclusively used it in my eeepc 701. I burnt the iso image onto a cd as usual and using the universal installer I prepared a bootable pendrive of 1 GB. It works great, the only thing is that I haven't been able to configure the wifi card so far. I know it is perfectly possible because I have read somewhere that puppy is suitable for the eeepc, but no luck so far. I am sure I'll be able to do it during the Easter holiday. I'll have lots of free time for my little puppy. By the way, this version of puppy looks very much like Vista. It's done on purpose for linux newbies.

Have a nice Easter break and don't eat too many chocolate eggs. Bad for your tummy!!!

22 March 2010

Penguin Speakers

Look what awesome speakers I bought at the Chinese shop last weekend! Aren't they cool?

To tell you the truth I was looking for a stuffed penguin for my Toyota but I couldn't find any. I made this great discovery though. Besides, they sound well. They even have a 3D  button which highlights sound.

I'm thrilled LOL

27 February 2010


Finally decided Toyota!!!!!!! I think I've made the right choice. The car is awesome. It's fast, reliable and above it all it's a Toyota. Love it!!!!!!!!!

Well a picture is worth a million words as always...

21 February 2010

El Vedadet

"El Vedadet" is the name of my cottage. It is also the generic name of the local area where it is located.

A very dear friend of mine has sent me this present done by himself in his spare time. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

13 February 2010

No News is Good News!!!

I haven't written for some weeks now but I've got the perfect excuse this time. I'm looking for a new car. I mean that I have finally decided to bid farewell to my old bucket and get a primered flames sports car.

I have been considering several options but I've cut it down to these two: i30 or Auris. I like both. I'm leaving you several pictures in the hopes that  you help me decide.
Hyunday i30 interior
This is the lovely Hyundai i30. 

I think it is awesome.

 Out of this world. 

I like everything about it.

Toyota Auris
Toyota Auris interior

24 January 2010

Happy birthday!!!

Today I have designed this "Happy birthday" card. It's not awesome I know, rather on the contrary it's a bit naive, but I wanted it to be simple and straightforward. I've  just sent it to my 9-year-old nephew and I think I've accomplished my mission.

I'm working in a completely different version of the card. It's kind of an abstract thing. I'll publish it if I think it's worth it. Wait and see.

16 January 2010

Using my credit card (A little bit)

Today I've upgraded to weebly pro. So far I only intend to use the favicon.ico pro feature because it's a really nice thing. Maybe I'll take advantage of some other features some time later  but I have upgraded because this site has a real good vibe. I like the way they treat you, I love the fact that they don't put limitations to your free account. Well to cut it short they do really deserve it (and much more).

I have also made a small donation to the debian multimedia team. They also deserve it. They do a great job maintaining the greatest multimedia repository there is out there. I use many of their packages and they work great. I know this small quantity does not make a great difference because they devote a huge amount of time and effort to keep the site up. But I hope to keep contributing in the future.