31 March 2012

Branchable 2

In a previous post I showed you why I love Branchable so much. There you could see how using a web browser and some minimal markup (i.e. markdown) you could easily create great posts.

The truth is that I really love Branchable ever since I discovered it. But one of its real powers lies in the fact that it uses git as VCS. This means that you can edit your files locally with your favourite text editor (nano, vim , gedit...) type what you want and then simply commit your changes to the repository. You do not need to use your mouse at all. As you type, you can add the markdown features that you prefer as in the examples below:

Using asterisks ( * ) you put words in italics like this

Using number signs (#) you can emphasize text like # this


And many many more. Check this out:

(: - P) turns into :-P

Well if I'm not wrong I promised to show you a bit how it works. I'll take some screenshots.

This is how you add images:

( [ [ !img branchable.png align=center size=400x500 alt=branchable_nano ] ])

This is how you create a tag:

( [ [ !tag screenshots ] ] )

And when you are ready you simply follow the drill:

 $ git add .

 $ git -a -m "Showing how cool branchable is."

 $ git push
And there you are! Enjoy!

28 March 2012

IRC Bouncer 2

If I tell you that I have changed my irc bouncer service but however I haven't changed my server you might well think that I'm going nuts. Well, while the latter might still hold very true, I have to tell you that I have been a user of EliteBNC for a couple of months now since they opened for business.

I was very happy with GeekBouncer but since the guys decided to split partnership I decided to stick with the server I had previously been assigned to. It is very stable and reliable so the choice was very easy to make.

EliteBNC's service is excellent, the user support is great and the guys there are awesome. What else can I say?

If you are interested, please take a look at their website:

or join #EliteBNC on Infinity-IRC



26 March 2012

Syntax highlight: nano vs. vim

Syntax highlight is of course configurable so that you can use the colours you prefer or like the most. In both nano and vim you have to activate it, otherwise you do not have syntax highlight straight away like you have in other editors such as gedit.

It is not my intention right now to explain how syntax highlight is activated in any of those text editors. I'm just publishing here a screenshot that shows why working with colours enabled is better. On the GUI I always use gedit. On the CLI I use both vim and nano but I think that nano is both easier to use and nicer. This is the syntax highlight I get for po files. I definitely prefer nano's colours.

This will be the screenshot of the week.

11 March 2012


For all SpongeBob Squarepants fans out there:

My drinking glass