21 June 2009

The beginning of summer!

Today summer begins!!! It's been a long day, I mean that the sun was still shining after dinner which is not very usual.

Today I've written an article about Opera Unite, a new technology embedded in the web browser that allows you to share files, photos or even music without using any server, from browser to browser or let's call it a different name, from peer to peer. It's an amazing step forward! from my humble point of view.

06 June 2009

Sunday breakfast

Tomorrow I'm having breakfast with some friends. I've got plenty of things to do apart from that:

I must remember to clean the hamster's cage and the fishbowl.

If I'm free in the afternoon and there is no rain I'll ride my bike and take some pictures in the countryside. There is this wonderful light in spring!

01 June 2009


Summer is a great time to go out and enjoy endless hours of sunlight at the beach or the countryside. So power off your computer, get up of your chair and follow some of my special recommendations:

- Go fishing; great and fascinating sport.

- Ride your bike; Another great sport and pastime.

- Work a bit, just enough not to get rusty, and hard enough just to buy that special thing you dream of.

and swim, dance, sweat, love ... and enjoy yourself.

Have a nice summer holiday!!!!!!!!!!!