06 December 2010

Five years using GNU/Linux


As I have told my friends a million times I began fiddling with linux in 2004.  A year or so after buying 'Odd' I fell in love with it but it did not become my only true blue love until late 2005. I don't exactly remember when. Anyway it is now five years of giving and taking. That's what love is all about, ain't that so?

What I do not quite recall is when my beloved Debian came into sight. Too bad I don't remember one of the best moments of my life. But I think it didn't take long after discovering that rpm was not my thing.

What may the future bring? I do not know for sure. I think there will be a move to something new, something like GNU/Hurd. Debian GNU/Hurd for us diehard debian users.

Well I would like to explain this a bit further but by now I'm starving to death. I gotta have dinner ;-)