16 May 2022

Screenshot of the week 16

 The Spanish performance at the Eurovision festival 2022 was simply extraordinary...

30 April 2022

Four-leaf clover

My cousin has a special gift. She can find four-leaf clovers among millions of plants. It is more than good eyeshight. It is a real gift. She's always had it as far as I remember. She found one for everyone of us in less than five minutes. Ain't that really extraordinary?

19 April 2022

Spring going back to normal

Low temperatures seem to have gone away and the weather now is close to normal (It's raining now, but that is how it is supposed to be in April)

The frost killed my tomato plants but I planted some new ones yesterday and they look good.

Besides, since I cannot do anything in the garden I've spent some time in the garage tuning my lawnmower. 

03 April 2022

Cold Spring

Spring just began but the weather seems to be a bit stubborn. We reached -3C last night and the plants and the trees froze. Too bad.

11 March 2022


This is my first attempt. Next month plan: hydroponic tomato plants.

01 March 2022


We had such a great time at the concert last Saturday February 26th I can only say Thank you.

12 February 2022

Evolution of greenhouse

Man, it's freaking full!