10 February 2024

Fire screen

One of the things that scared me the most was the danger of a log rolling out of the fireplace and filling the room with smoke. It happened to me a couple times.

Apart from the smoke there is a true risk of setting the house on fire. I already had a fire screen to stop the sparks but it was too little to stop a log. 

A friend of mine suggested installing a screen with a door to avoid both dangers (logs and sparks) and that's what I did as soon as I could. It looks great.

01 January 2024

Happy New Year 2024

New year blog resolutios:
- Post more often
- Post screenshots of the week from time to time

18 December 2023

17 December 2023

16 October 2023

Zucchini types

I had never grown round zucchini in my garden until this year. I did not even know they existed. 

The picture shows round vs. regular zucchini.

08 May 2023

Beautiful rainbow

We had a little rain last Saturday and after that... tadah!

01 May 2023

Kitchen garden 2023

Some pictures of my plants I took today:







Broad beans