02 October 2022

Sopa de Cabra

What a great concert last night. Pure Rock and Roll

23 September 2022


I finished reading "Tronada" ("Storm" in English) written by a friend of mine. J.R. Viu Llubell. It is his first published novel.

It is a fantastic detective adventure book in which the characters and the story are carefully crafted. 

The end is absolutelly well-knit and completelly surprising.

You can find it on stores and at Amazon (only available in Spanish so far)

20 September 2022

Third generation plants

The first generation died due to extreme cold. The second one due to extreme heat. Hopefully the third time is the charm. 

17 July 2022

Protecting plants from the sun

Plants get burnt due to the extreme temperatures of this heat wave. They die of exposure. So I had to improvise a shade to protect them. 

Some of them couldn't make it, it was too late for them.

16 July 2022

08 July 2022

First Tres cantos tomato of the season

The first one is the best one (not necessarily)

This is the first tomato of the tres cantos variety I picked up this season. It is an excellent variety. The colour is not red but orange. It is a beautiful piece. And may I add, delicious.

16 May 2022

Screenshot of the week 16

 The Spanish performance at the Eurovision festival 2022 was simply extraordinary...