24 March 2020


Due to the propagation of the covid-19 virus we are not allowed to leave home for a month except to go to work, which is rather ironic, sarcastic I'd even say.

I can go to work and be in touch with hundreds of people every single day of the week being exposed to contagion and however I cannot go to the kitchen garden and be there alone without any chance of getting the virus.

This is Spain man, too many senseless laws.

Nevermind, to pass the time I am doing things at home, like taking care of my tomato plants, which I will hopefully plant after Easter.

Happy lockdown

24 February 2020

Happily growing

The tomato seeds I sowed three weeks ago are happily growing. I am really proud of myself.

09 February 2020

Getting ready for the Springtime

January is traditionally the coldest month in the area where I live. Reaching 19 ÂșC is pretty unusual. Should I begin to worry?

Anyway last week I was busy planting two almond trees and sowing tomatoes. In April I will sow the lawn. I already bought the seed a couple of weeks ago.

25 December 2019

Rey, the best jedi ever!

When I first saw Episode VII I immediately tried to imagine where did Rey come from and how the story would end.

I was 100% sure of two things: One, Rey had to be a Skywalker and two, it was obvious that she would end up being the most powerful jedi ever.

It turned out I was right :P

23 December 2019

14 December 2019

Christmas 2019

This year I decorated a couple of figurative trees in the garden. Warn you: There is no tree at all. Just a metallic frame that holds the lights in a tree-like fashion. 

It turns on and off automatically at night and daylight so I had to take the picture at night. It is not spectacular but it is pretty nice as long as it achieves the desired effect.

Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year 

26 August 2019

Planting around the fence 3

Well two summers have passed since I started planting the oleanders around the front fence (more or less one year and a half). See the difference?