30 November 2018

My car

Linux + Spongebob + Toyota + others

01 August 2018

Reaching the top

This one with 0,871kg beats my record. But on the downside I think I've reached the top this season. There are several other huge tomatoes but not quite as big as this one. I would like to reach 1kg. Maybe next year...

27 July 2018

0.765kg is not bad at all

0.765 KG is not bad at all but I think I can do a lot better this year

26 June 2018

Screenshot of the week 14

It seems we all have to use ssl in our websites from now on, therefore, I have updated and to use https.

At the same time I had to tweak the html code a little bit as well as the the css of the site. It is not a big change, but I love how it looks like in elinks.

Note: The window manager is i3

Enjoy the screenshot of the week :)

24 May 2018

Look me in the eye

I was hit in the eye by a grain of corn. It hurt for a week :(

I gots tomatoes

In the tiny greenhouse

27 February 2018


My car