23 March 2009


Today I've become a simyo [A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO)] user. If you could see how much I spend using my mobile you would surely laugh at me.  Maybe 10 or 15 € a month. It's ridiculous compared to other people's expenses.

Until now I was happy with my rates and services but I was fed up having to pay an scandalous quantity if I phoned a friend from a different phone company. 

That unfair situation had to change and now with simyo I only pay 8 cents a minute to all other operators. Changes sometimes take long but you always have to take the first step to walk a long road.

I'll keep you informed but this company has a good vibe. I hope it works fine.

Note: This is my first spring blog entry. So far everyting is according to plan. I'm finally  writing once a week!!!

20 March 2009

Hard disk crash

The master disk drive of my network server crashed on Tuesday. I had just bought a usb bluetooth adapter and installed the gnome-bluetooth software. I rebooted for the kernel to load the drivers but I only got a BIOS message saying the disk was dead. Well there was no such message. It was something like "No operating system available". But I knew the truth behind. The night before I had heard a strange noise coming from the drive and I feared the worst.

I tried my best forensics with a usb installation of Backtrack 3 but
the damage was already done. Backtrack struggled hard but it couldn't do anything...

I switched the slave drive as master and reinstalled GRUB, the boot loader in the MBR but it was caught in a loop. In the end I had to reinstall Lenny. I lost data of course, but installing a Debian system is my forte. I often say I could do it blindfolded. Just joking.

I lost my eyeOS server but there is always a blessing in disguise. I had Windows 7 Beta in a VirtualBox and the good thing is that I do not have to bother erasing it now. It is so bad that my only wish after trying it was just getting rid of it as soon as possible. I know it is a beta version and of course it lacks many things but I foresee it is going to be a great failure like Vista. It didn't recognize my ethernet and sound cards!!! Shame on them.

Note: Today spring begins officially at 11:44, so next week I'll start writing my blog under the Spring header.

13 March 2009

Highschool meeting

Today is Friday 13th, not a good sign for some people. However, it's a real lucky day for me. I'm really excited about a highschool meeting we are going to celebrate after 25 years. It's  not today, it's going to take place some time during Spring. But it's the great news of the week. The story went more or less like this.

Of all the people I met back in high school I was only in touch with one. All the others had disappeared from my life.  That person told me that there was a new group in Facebook made up of our old acquaintances. I had closed my facebook account because as I said in another post this year, I consider it a waste of time. I reopened it because nostalgia was stronger than me this time. And there they are, some look older, some look exactly the same they did 25 years ago. As if time hadn't passed for them. I don't know which category I fit in. I like to think that I haven't changed much but others will tell.

It's an excellent occasion to remember dreams from the past, infatuations and well,  just great memories. I've been daydreaming the entire week, imagining our meeting. 

I'll keep you informed as time progresses.
Note: There are other news to comment, but they can't compare to this one. I'll leave them for a better occasion, say next week.

07 March 2009

Backtrack 3 usb with Compiz experimental

This week I have been playing with the usb install of Backtrack 3. A remote-exploit distribution based on slackware. Now there is a beta of number 4. But in the meantime I have been testing the usb with their first boot option which is (Compiz experimental) The curious thing about it is that I tested it on my eeepc. And it works great!!! I wish I had a screenshot or rather a photograph.

Well the system freezes sometimes but after a whole week I've only had to reboot on three occasions, which I consider a reasonable thing for an experimental project in my hands. Apart from that I must admit that it is a fantastic distro.

But I may be a bit too biased here because I have followed the project from the very beginning and I love it.  I'm also a huge fan of kismet and airsnort (both included). Besides the live scripts come from Slax which is out of this world for me.

It all may seem too good to be true. But it is real!!! Give it a try and see for yourself!!!