17 June 2024

Cherry tomato plants

Growing fast. They will soon be planted in the garden.
(Mini bell variety)

23 April 2024

Dyin' ain't much of a livin'

A long time favourite (the song by Jon Bon Jovi) since I listened to it for the first time many many years ago. 

The funny thing is that I had never really fully understood the meaning of the title until today. When I watched a short video of the movie in which Clint Eastwood says exactly that. 

In short. Context is all!

06 March 2024

xana and jean turned bookworms

 This week, apart from my daily chores, I upgraded two of my main laptops (hostnames: xana and jean) to bookworm (debian 12). Both used to run bullseye and I must say that the upgrade was pretty neat.

Be warned that before running apt full-upgrade I read their "official" guide that I found here because I had some bad experiences in the past trying to upgrade without removing other software that I had installed from different repositories. This time I did it right and the results were excellent.

xana took a little longer because I have many many packages installed (around 1800) it is an older laptop and you know, in time systems tend to get bloated. It took more or less one hour. I have to do some serious cleaning.

jean has around 1000 packages. It took more or less half an hour. 

I am really happy that both upgrades went so well. I only had to make one simple modification on xana after the upgrade. I use st (simple terminal or stterm) on both laptops but I had compiled it from source to include some modifications. These modifications were lost after the upgrade.

Now I use the default package as provided by the debian distribution. But I had to add some options to the command.

From now on lets see what good things bookworm has to bring.

03 March 2024

Axyl, an OS with i3 by default

Last night I discovered Axyl. An operating system based on ARCH linux and focused on window managers. 

It works well with i3, bspwm, dwm, XMonad, Spectrwm and others, but the default one is i3.

I must say that I only tried it live. But it runs fast and it is pretty cool. I have not installed it because I am too lazy to learn ARCH. I tried ARCH once but only for a little while.

Their official website is

As a curiosity. It was developed in Republic of the Philippines. But I do not know anything else about it apart from what I read on Wikipedia.

02 March 2024

Preparing plants Spring 2024

Tomato plants. Peppers and eggplants. 

10 February 2024

Fire screen

One of the things that scared me the most was the danger of a log rolling out of the fireplace and filling the room with smoke. It happened to me a couple times.

Apart from the smoke there is a true risk of setting the house on fire. I already had a fire screen to stop the sparks but it was too little to stop a log. 

A friend of mine suggested installing a screen with a door to avoid both dangers (logs and sparks) and that's what I did as soon as I could. It looks great.

01 January 2024

Happy New Year 2024

New year blog resolutios:
- Post more often
- Post screenshots of the week from time to time