29 July 2015

Welding machine

I finally decided, after so many, many years, to buy a new welding machine. I do not use it on a daily basis, only two or three times a year, but using a pro machine makes a huge difference.

27 July 2015

Steca charge controller

I replaced my old solar charge controller. I bought a great Steca Solarix PRS 2020. It can support up to 20 amps.

25 July 2015

birds tv aerial

Aren't you just tired of birds pooping from your tv aerial? These were the exact search terms I typed on the search engine: "birds tv aerial" to discover this extraordinary invention to prevent that. It is just an scarecrow after all, but I love it.

23 July 2015


A couple of weeks ago, my elder nephew and me visited the enchanting village of Montañana. It is almost unbelievable to find a village in the 21st Century which still seems to live in medieval times. The streets, the houses, the bridges, everything, I mean everything, is made of stone.

Make no mistake, this only makes it all more beautiful and out of the ordinary. Many people go visit this lovely village just because of its magic.

There is more info here And a picure here: