17 January 2021

Craig Ferguson

I do not remember ever posting anything about him on this blog before. Maybe I have but in case I have not,  it is high time to do so. I must say: I like Craig Ferguson a lot, I like his sense of humour ever since I started watching The late late show years ago. I remember his interview with Adriana Lima back in the day and many many more...

I like him so much that I immediately bought his latest book Riding the elephant as soon as I knew it was published. I do not have a lot of time to read because I work long hours but I am really enjoying it. There are all kinds of stories, some are sad, some are hilarious but behind all of them there is him, the narrator, the fun Craig. Today I couldn't stop laughing reading chapter 15, there is a quote "Fear would have you believe it starts with a capital letter, but it doesn't, not unless you put it at the start of a sentence or name our cat after it" 

It is just an example of his wit. I could really be talking about him for a long time since I watched his tv shows for years, but I think that if you are any curious you can check online and see for yourself. 

Have a good weekend guys

01 January 2021