16 June 2020

Doggo drinking milk series

I made the doggo drinking series for a friend of mine. I've got another series named "Other dogs watching as the doggo is drinking milk"

Doggo drinking milk 1

Doggo drinking milk 2

Doggo drinking milk 3

Doggo drinking milk 4

Doggo drinking milk 5

14 June 2020


Today I adopted a stray dog. Her name is Rita. It is a pun on "perrita" (little she dog)

18 May 2020

Giant tomato seeds

I finally could go out to the shop and buy some giant tomato seeds. On the downside, I will have to wait until next February until I can sow them. It is too late now.  (I was unable to get them before due to lockdown.)

07 May 2020

06 May 2020

Strawberries and carrots

Lovely to grow your own food. I also picked up some broad beans I forgot to picture. 

01 May 2020

Luc 1 year

23 April 2020

Birthday 2020 and counting...

Last night I got a lawn mower as a present given to myself. I have never had one before and I felt like having one. I must say it is fantastic and really really fast. I could only try it for half an hour or so but I am very happy.

The problem is that there is not a lot of grass since we are in the middle of the rain season (April) but the grass is starting to grow fast now.

 Anyway the results are great :)

19 April 2020

And meanwhile... life goes on

This morning I discovered hundreds of newborn baby spiders in the garden. What a beautiful sight. No doubt life goes on.

02 April 2020

cpulimit YAIT (Yet Another Impressive Tool)

One of the truly impressive tools I discovered this week is cpulimit. It allows you to limit how much cpu percentage a process can use. It is specially indicated when running cpu intensive applications. In my case it is 'ffmpeg'.                                                                                                     
I use 'ffmpeg' on a daily basis to convert my .avi videos to .mp4. I often run the script at night with cron.daily but the problem arises when I need to run it during the day. Here comes cpulimit to the rescue:

 $ cpulimit -e ffmpeg -l 800 -b

Here is a quick explanation:
 -e ffmpeg (the process to limit)
 -l 800 (I have 16 cores: 800 = 50%)
 -b Run cpulimit in the background to free the terminal

Really impressive (and handy).

24 March 2020


Due to the propagation of the covid-19 virus we are not allowed to leave home for a month except to go to work, which is rather ironic, sarcastic I'd even say.

I can go to work and be in touch with hundreds of people every single day of the week being exposed to contagion and however I cannot go to the kitchen garden and be there alone without any chance of getting the virus.

This is Spain man, too many senseless laws.

Nevermind, to pass the time I am doing things at home, like taking care of my tomato plants, which I will hopefully plant after Easter.

Happy lockdown

24 February 2020

Happily growing

The tomato seeds I sowed three weeks ago are happily growing. I am really proud of myself.

09 February 2020

Getting ready for the Springtime

January is traditionally the coldest month in the area where I live. Reaching 19 ÂșC is pretty unusual. Should I begin to worry?

Anyway last week I was busy planting two almond trees and sowing tomatoes. In April I will sow the lawn. I already bought the seed a couple of weeks ago.