28 January 2017

pharc v.6.0 released

Well, this is certainly unusual in 2017...

I used to release pharc once a year, so:
v.1.0 --> 2011
v.2.0 --> 2012
v.3.0 --> 2013
v.4.0 --> 2014
v.5.0 --> 2015

But like the wiki says:

Is pharc still actively developed?
pharc has now all the features and options I envisioned through all these years of development. From now on I only intend to make bug fixes and minor changes.

Well, this year one of the visitors said that the sorting of the archives was upside down, so I decided to change it to order archives in a more logical way.

Added to the changelog:

pharc (6.0-1)
Sort Archives in reverse mode.

You can read more in detail in the phlog post at: gopher://
And get the software (all available versions) at: gopher://

Have fun!

07 January 2017

raspi 3 and usb hard drive

Using a 16GB sd card for a basic cli raspbian system (no desktop environment whatsoever) is more than enough. However, it is very limited to really enjoy the awesome minidlna software I installed. So I ended up attaching a 1TB usb hard drive to my raspi 3.

The first thing to notice is that the power supply works fine supporting both devices (raspi and hard drive).

The second thing is that I can now finally enjoy the UPnP service for hours and hours during these cold winter afternoons.

Note: I've been watching SG Atlantis all afternoon. What a great Saturday :)