13 April 2014

My sweeties

I have been a little bit away from the keyboard these days. You know, springtime, lots of things to do in the kitchen garden and so little time. Now Easter is just around the corner, I hope to have more time... ahem

This weekend, apart from many more things, I planted two trees. The first one is a variety called "Sweet cap" (Hence the tittle of the post) and the second one is a weeping willow (beautiful trees).

05 April 2014

Mont-rebei gorge

I already published this on my phlog and you know that I do not usually crosspost stuff, unless I crosspost stuff.

This is to say that you really should visit my gopher site at:


If you cannot browse gopherspace try this link (direct gopher proxy link to the above-mentioned post)

Anyway, I'm also uploading some of the pictures that I took (with a slightly worse quality)

01 April 2014

Screenshot of the week 10

Much to my surprise I discovered that SMPlayer does YouTube too (installing SMTube) and to be honest I must admit that very well. I took an screenshot of my sid laptop while watching one of my favourite talk shows.