09 April 2012

Easter Monday 2012

On Easter Monday we celebrate the equivalent of the Easter Bunny and Eggs thing in the region where I live.

We call it "Mona's day", the mona being a typical cake we prepare for the occasion. Here there's a picture of this year's.

04 April 2012

Git on Dropbox

The idea had been running round in my mind for some time. I move from one computer to the other all the time. Usually up to four different machines in the same day. I can never know or be sure of where I'm gonna be when I need to make a commit to one of the five git repositories I work with.

Ideally I should have all my information centralised in just one single place. This makes it easier to work with certain types of files, but it also makes it easier to have security issues and/or risk of data loss (even if you backup on a regular basis you are never ready for a hard disk crash or any other undesirable occurrence).

So as you can guess I used to have several clones of the repositories and I had to pull several times to keep them up-to-date. Not very handy :-(

I read that some people used their Dropbox folder to have git repositories. And well, as you can imagine I just had to try it... :-)

So far I have just moved my blog's git: I made a commit from my laptop and now I'm writing this post and about to commit from my desktop. If it works fine, I'll move all the other repos.

Fingers crossed...and push! :-P

01 April 2012


The fortune plugin inserts a fortune cookie into the post:
Blast medicine anyway!  We've learned to tie into every organ in the
human body but one.  The brain!  The brain is what life is all about.
        -- McCoy, "The Menagerie", stardate 3012.4