29 May 2010

Hamster park

Look what an awesome hamster park we built this afternoon. It's a hamster park to let the hamsters run and play under control on a wider area than their regular cage. This way we can interact and play with them. It was great fun!!!

23 May 2010

Little hamsters 3

Let me introduce you to the new member of our hamster family. Its name is "Kiwi" and it belongs to my nephew.

20 May 2010

Code Lyoko sticker collection finished!!!

We have finally finished completing the official sticker collection of Code Lyoko, our favourite TV cartoon series. We bought hundreds of stickers untill we only had twenty to go. I ordered them to the factory through their website.

We did it!!! Here it is!!!


16 May 2010

Little hamsters 2

They are almost a month old. It's about time to find a new home for them. Next week I'll say goodbye to several. I'll keep some though. I'll keep one or two little kids for my nephews. Have to think new names.

Taking care of them has been hard work. Not only for Yumi who's exhausted after a month of non-stop work but also for me. I've fed them and cleaned their cage three or four times a day. I think we both deserve a rest. No more offspring until next winter!!! Under any circumstances.

09 May 2010

Little hamsters

These are the first pictures of Skippy and Yumi's offspring. They are all chips off the old block. They all took after their black and white daddy Skippy. They are very friendly as well!!!

My nephew and me have decided to keep one and give away the rest to our family and friends. 

08 May 2010


Today we are celebrating my nephew's first communion with the family. We went a beautiful hermitage for the ceremony and had lunch at a great restaurant. Fun day!!!