25 December 2019

Rey, the best jedi ever!

When I first saw Episode VII I immediately tried to imagine where did Rey come from and how the story would end.

I was 100% sure of two things: One, Rey had to be a Skywalker and two, it was obvious that she would end up being the most powerful jedi ever.

It turned out I was right :P

23 December 2019

14 December 2019

Christmas 2019

This year I decorated a couple of figurative trees in the garden. Warn you: There is no tree at all. Just a metallic frame that holds the lights in a tree-like fashion. 

It turns on and off automatically at night and daylight so I had to take the picture at night. It is not spectacular but it is pretty nice as long as it achieves the desired effect.

Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year 

26 August 2019

Planting around the fence 3

Well two summers have passed since I started planting the oleanders around the front fence (more or less one year and a half). See the difference?


Tomatoes 2019

I know this is cheating but I couldn't reach my goal this year of growing 1 kilo tomatoes (around 2 pounds). There is an excuse though. The heat wave took its toll on the plants, even though I watered them as necessary they got excessive heat from the sun and it of course affected the fruits.

Anyway I am quite happy with my half kilo tomatoes (around one pound) even though they do not have the quality, the flavour, and the smell they used to with warmer weather.

07 July 2019


One more member of the family, its name is Luc.


I forgot to upload this picture of my car's thermometer during last week's heatwave. WOW

06 May 2019

New lappy

Birthday present to self :P
Codename: jean
OS: buster

17 February 2019

Planting the hedge

This week I finished planting the left side of the hedge. I hope these plants grow fine because it is still a little bit cold at night even though during the day we reach up to 18C or even 20C.