31 August 2009

Fedora 10

Last weekend I installed Fedora 10 in my laptop. It's awesome!!! I had it in a usb pendrive and used it a lot, mainly in my eeepc. I finally decided to try it extensivelly in everyday tasks. So far, so good... I'm really enjoying it. Although I must admit I must refresh my rpm practice because it's a bit rusty.

Today I thought I needed to find a name for my computers. I used to name them chalsattack1, 2 and 3. But now that I own 4 machines I have to improve this naming convention. I think I'll name them after the characters in the Code Lyoko tv series: Ulrich, Jeremy, Aelita, Yumi, Odd... I'll finally decide about it during this week. No need to say it's one of my favourite series.

25 August 2009

Egg turner

Yesterday I got an automatic egg turner for my incubator. Unfortunately it is not recommended for turkey or duck eggs for they are quite big. So I'll have to continue moving them manually. It's ok, but I'm sure that in the future, once I've learnt how it works, I'll be able to use it with bigger eggs than just hens size.

The good thing about the egg turner is that it saves a lot of work and besides you do not have to be constantly watching your clock. It turns eggs every four hours.

09 August 2009

A day at the beach!!!

Rainy day here so I went away to the beach with my uncle. Had a nice sunny day there. Altafulla beach is great.

I have bought a male goose. The male I had, died unexpectedly during the spring. So I needed a companion for the female. They don't have a name yet. Any suggestions welcome.

And last but not least today at 9:30 I have started hatching eggs with this fantastic incubator I got last week. I hope to hatch a thousand eggs. This first time it's peacock eggs. Wait for results in 28 days. Fingers crossed.