31 October 2010

The command line thing

I have been a regular linux user for five years now and the more I learn the more I feel that I have a whole new universe to learn ahead, which is cool and it's one of the reasons why I'm so hooked on Debian GNU/Linux. I'm going to tell you what I've learnt this week in short although I think I should write another entry so that it can be easily indexed by spiders in case anyone is googling for that specific info. But before that let me tell you that I have reached a huge conclusion:

It's that command line programs make our lives better and our tasks easier!!! Sure. I used to be a bit scared of the terminal thing but I'm more and more hooked on it. I use it so much that now I couldn't live without. The best use is to write and execute shell scripts. I'm just a beginner but with a little help of google I can say that I'm beginning to know my way into that fine art. (Simple but powerful scripts, it's all that matters).

This week I have used two CLI programs. Wodim (I had used cdrecord long ago) to write (hybrid) .iso images to cds and scrot to take screenshots. The amazing thing is that once I get used to these programs I prefer them to their GUI counterparts. For instance, now I use wget to download from the internet rather than d4x.