20 June 2015

Blade bank

A blade bank is a must-have for any environment conscious wet shaver. There is a wide variety of blade banks. You can buy one or you can make one yourself. Your imagination is the limit.

Yesterday, I was draydreaming about a blade bank while drinking a cold beer and I suddenly got the idea. "Hey man, let's reuse this beer can as a blade bank!" I said to myself "It is slick, nice, handy and cheap. What else do you need?"

And here it is, the perfect blade bank:

15 June 2015

New shaving gear

I recently added some new stuff to my small collection:

- One Merkur 1311 (Excellent razor). It comes in a plastic box which is pretty handy to store it and 100 Astra blades (My favourite ones).

- A new brush (The first one on the right).

New debian polo shirts

Today I got two new debian polo shirts I ordered at hellotux

The quality of the embroidery is not as good as the ones I got from debian UK but it is still good enough. I hope you like them. I am really happy with them.