02 April 2010

Car fiasco????

It seems my Toyota Auris was defective. The gas pedal was sticky. I took it to the garage on Monday 29th March to have it fixed. To tell you the truth I haven't been able to try the fix out because yesterday Thursday 1st April the battery drained and although I charged it all night it is no use, it goes out in several hours. Too bad, I hope the guarantee covers that.

UPDATE (11th April, 2010): Fortunately I got a new battery replaced at the garage for free. The gas pedal seems to work just fine. I haven't been able to notice any other defect after the fix. Let's keep fingers crossed!!!

By the way yesterday I got the letter informing me of the possibility of a defect in the gas pedal. It's not that it arrives too late. It's just that I first received an e-mail from Toyota and took the car to the garage. And this letter comes from the Traffic Department of my country. Everything's ok. Of course I do not have to go to the service again (lol)

Now I can say again that 'I love my Toyota'.