28 October 2011



23 October 2011

Language Workshops

This week I have started a new project called Language Workshops. Let me see if I can summarize the idea in a sentence: "It is a collaborative way of learning and sharing knowledge". hmm not bad

The first workshop is called: "Expressions" and it is a collection of different types of expressions used by native speakers of English. There are idioms, collocations, sayings and so on.

You can find all the workshops on the English section of the site.

16 October 2011

IRC Bouncer

I take for granted you all know what an irc bouncer/proxy is. I have explained it so many times that I feel that any further explanation will take us nowhere. I think that the easiest way of explaining this concept for someone who has never used any is saying (although it is not 100% accurate) that a bouncer is a server that keeps your connection to your favourite networks/channels 24/7. You can connect (and disconnect) to that server as you please from as many clients as you please keeping the backlog. Let's leave it like it is.

Well, I have tried different bouncers. And I have finally ended up using a free online service called GeekBouncer It is easy to setup, it is easy to configure and besides the guys behind the project seem to be reliable and nice.

What else can I say? It works fine and it is really handy.

Keep up the good work guys!!!

12 October 2011

I did it

It took a bit of patience and a steady hand to be able to solder the circuit board of my Nvidia FX 6200 VGA card.

I borked it by accident trying to replace its heat sink with a fan. These things happen. Today I have had some extra work but it was worth it.

The small piece (the size and colour of an ant) has three tips so you can imagine the need for the magnifying glass, rescued from oblivion.

Here is the picture to prove it. By the way, it works fine now:

11 October 2011

Recursive Desktop?

This is the screenshot of the week.

What you can see in the picture is my regular desktop but in the little floating window there is my eeepc's desktop. Achieved using a VNC server/client.

Ain't it kewl?

09 October 2011


01 October 2011

First Phlog entry

Today I have started writing a Phlog (a Gopher Blog). I started building my gopher site some months ago but I have been adding content little by little because I haven't had much time left.

My gopher site is located here If your browser does not natively support the gopher protocol you can view it through a proxy here
As usual an image is worth a million words and it's the perfect excuse to upload the "screenshot of the week". The screenshot of the creation of my first phlog entry. (My second post --> tomorrow)