27 February 2010


Finally decided Toyota!!!!!!! I think I've made the right choice. The car is awesome. It's fast, reliable and above it all it's a Toyota. Love it!!!!!!!!!

Well a picture is worth a million words as always...

21 February 2010

El Vedadet

"El Vedadet" is the name of my cottage. It is also the generic name of the local area where it is located.

A very dear friend of mine has sent me this present done by himself in his spare time. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

13 February 2010

No News is Good News!!!

I haven't written for some weeks now but I've got the perfect excuse this time. I'm looking for a new car. I mean that I have finally decided to bid farewell to my old bucket and get a primered flames sports car.

I have been considering several options but I've cut it down to these two: i30 or Auris. I like both. I'm leaving you several pictures in the hopes that  you help me decide.
Hyunday i30 interior
This is the lovely Hyundai i30. 

I think it is awesome.

 Out of this world. 

I like everything about it.

Toyota Auris
Toyota Auris interior