28 January 2017

pharc v.6.0 released

Well, this is certainly unusual in 2017...

I used to release pharc once a year, so:
v.1.0 --> 2011
v.2.0 --> 2012
v.3.0 --> 2013
v.4.0 --> 2014
v.5.0 --> 2015

But like the wiki says:

Is pharc still actively developed?
pharc has now all the features and options I envisioned through all these years of development. From now on I only intend to make bug fixes and minor changes.

Well, this year one of the visitors said that the sorting of the archives was upside down, so I decided to change it to order archives in a more logical way.

Added to the changelog:

pharc (6.0-1)
Sort Archives in reverse mode.

You can read more in detail in the phlog post at: gopher://
And get the software (all available versions) at: gopher://

Have fun!