26 November 2016

raspi 3

My raspi 2 suddenly stopped working for an $unknown_reason I only know it lost ssh connection all the time. So I decided to get a raspi 3.

It arrived on November 24th. You could have seen me broadcast on irc the steps from the moment I put my hands on it until I finally plugged it in:

Day changed to Thu, 24 Nov 2016                                                                                        
10:03:06        @chals | My raspi3 kit just arrived yay                                                                
10:03:10        @chals | time to play                                                                                  
10:05:22        @chals | ok heat sinks in place                                                                        
10:11:49        @chals | board in case...                                                                              
10:13:53        @chals | case closed                                                                                    
10:14:01        @chals | it's show time

And here it is:

Its hostname is kiwi (legacy name from its predecesor)

(Note: Is is plugged to a 900va UPS so that it can actually work 24/7)