19 August 2014


This very week, my good old friend MrFrood sent me some shaving gear really worth trying. So far I've only tried the "Timor" blades and the "Proraso" cream. And my conclusion is:

- Timor blades are far superior to the Wilkinson Sword ones. Timor blades are thinner and may I say, sharper. They cut like hell.Oh my!!!

- The Proraso cream is simply and plainly put: Excellent! (Nothing more to say!)

Here are some pics of the process:

Shaving gear, mainly sponsored by MrFrood.
Applying the cream with the brush.

Taking selfies of myself...
Actually shaving...

Once again, thanks to the Frood for being an everyday guidance on many aspects of life and first and foremost, for being a good friend, even in the distance ;)