06 December 2013


It has been a really, really long time since I used weechat for the last time but now I'm back and I don't anticipate to look back again.
My first irc attempt was with a web-based client (possibly mibbit) Then, when I started irc'ing seriously I started using irssi (inside screen). After that, a friend of mine recommended me weechat (inside tmux). I liked both combinations, but I soon went back to the good old duo irssi and screen. Why? Well, I really made an intensive use of the irssi proxy plugin. With it I could connect to the same core from different clients and different locations. It was very handy for me. (I know that weechat also has a relay plugin but I never bothered configuring it)
Now I really do not use the proxy. I only use one computer at a time so connecting via sshto the machine running my irc client 24/7 is more than enough for me at the moment. But then, the bad news, the machine running my irc client (odin at crashed and we were left without the service for an unspecified amount of time.
So I put plan B into practice. Bounce using my raspi, which already hosts my gopher server. In my raspi I only had tmux and weechat already configured, so I didn't spend any time installing and configuring other programs. I directly launched the already existing ones. And wow! what a difference. Now that I'm a bit more into the irc world. I can take advantage of the plugins and scripts that allow you to achieve what you want/need.
One big difference between weechat and irssi is that weechat's scripts and plugins seem to be more integrated (ie. work better) than in irssi. Apart from the fact that weechat has a lot of default options that you can only achieve in irssi installing plugins.
The best plugin, so far, is the aspell one. Once activated, it highlights in red your misspelt words. This way you avoid posting a lot of typos.
The best scripts, so far, are: the,,,,, and (a url shortening service utility) but there are also a lot of fun and interesting ones, like for example , the games or Some other scripts that allow you to manipulate text are, among many others,, or
I have played with some others and I will spend the rest of the weekend trying new ones, like for example the or ones.