18 December 2013

pharc v.3.0 released

I have been procrastinating a bit about publishing version 3.0 because I wanted to do two things:
1.- Add functionality to choose the year of the archive, this would only be useful for people who are new to pharc but still, it would be a nice feature.
2.- Rewrite it in python, but unfortunately I'm still not proficient enough with python to do it (even though this is a simple script).
These things will have to wait for a later release someday :)
My initial idea was to publish one new release each year, i.e pharc1 saw the light in 2011, pharc2 in 2012, pharc3 in 2013 and so on and so forth, but to tell you the truth, gopher stuff is rather stagnant so I do not anticipate to see many changes in how things work form now on.
Anyway, the changelog for v.3.0 is:
 - Added option -a to specify current year of archive (redundant).

 - Added -v (version information option).

 - Added -h (help menu).

 - Added -y (year of the archive).

 - Help function (usage).

 - Improve coding style.

 - Leave a backup of gophermap > gophermap~ (in case things break).

 - Test before echoing "You're done now. Thanks for using pharc."
You can find all pharc versions here (gopher link):
There is also a .deb package available here:
And as usual, the git repository is hosted at gitorious:
pharc git repo

The wiki is located here: