12 October 2013

Here comes the sun.

I know it took a while until I could place the solar panels in the right location but I've been busy all summer long.
I bought four solar panels at the end of July and they arrived at the beginning of August. First, I made a provisional installation to see if they worked correctly and they did, but they could not take advantage of direct sunlight all day long.
I started building the frame to hold eight big solar panels and I did all the work to put it on the roof of the house. Today I have finally "uploaded" the four initial solar panels and connected the cables. They have been producing good electricity all the afternoon. "Good" as in both "environmental friendly" and " for free", or "gratis".
If the results are good, I'm gonna get four more for Christmas. They are really cheap now so it is the right time to do it.
Here are some pics: