01 January 2012

'pharc' a phlog archiver.

I write my phlog using a script called mkphlog. It creates each phlog post in the form of a directory using the following variable: entrydate=date +%m-%d-%y
I started my phlog in October so there were not many posts. However, reaching the end of the year made me realize that I had to devise a way to archive all the posts on a yearly basis. Doing it by hand took me approximately 10 minutes. It basically means copying a bunch of directories into a single directory and editing the gophermaps so that the servers know where to look for files once the links are clicked.
But as you can imagine I am a busy person and I just can't add any more thing to my todo. So I decided to write a script to do the work for me automatically every year. Isn't that fantastic? Well it didn't take long to write a first functional version of the script. However, like all scripts, it was open for improvement.
This afternoon I have improved it a bit and I have committed what I imagine is the final version as of now. You can see it here
By the way, the title of this post is self explanatory enough. I called it pharc which stands for "phlog archiver". It would be very nice that someone tested it and found it useful.