03 January 2012

My first .deb

\o/ Today I built my first debian package or .deb

I wrote the source code of the package myself. You can find the main script here. It is a simple script to archive phlog (gopher blog) posts on a yearly basis. I called it pharc which stands for phlog archiver. It is based on the mkphlog script, written by octotep, that I use to build my own phlog

It takes a little bit of work, then

    $ debuild -us -uc

And voilĂ ! you can find the package here:

pharc 1.0-1 all.deb

Important: This package was built for learning purposes only. It has some limitations I am perfectly aware of. Just to name a few:
  • The script assumes that you have a link in your $HOME/gopher to your gopher server. And that all your posts are in directories named $(date +%m-%d-%y)
  • The makefile is ridiculous. It only has seven lines! I wrote it in 25 seconds just to experience quick success. Now if you're really curious I can paste it here or somewhere else.
  • The complete list of files is not available online. They are stored on my server but if you want them you can ask for them. Here is the list:

  • Who uses gopher or keeps a phlog anyway?