15 March 2011

On why did Facebook kill the msn star

It has been happening for years now but surprisingly enough I had not paid attention to it until last week. There are less and less people connected to the msn (or call it windows live im) service.
I have 83 contacts on amsn but only between 10-15 are online on a daily basis. That was a bit weird but somehow understandable, over the years some people abandon their accounts, some may block you or even delete you. That's life. But so many? No, there had to be a better reason for that.

I began my quest for knowledge on the subject. I asked some people about their msn address but surprisingly enough they told me they didn't have a msn account. However they had  other social networking accounts such as facebook. Then I asked some of my contacts who I met on the street and they told me that since they signed up for facebook or other similar services (like tuenti) they never or hardly ever connected their msn clients. 

How come? Well, I think the reason is easy to understand. Facebook offers you people you may know based on the friends you have and having mutual friends invites you to add more people. You can add a hundred people overnight without any effort. In order to have a contact in msn you have to ask people personally if they want to have you as a friend. Sometimes it is a bit embarrassing.