29 November 2009

I'm a gnome man!!!

gnome desktop screenshot

Yes, definitely I am. I'm a gnome man. The first desktop I used was KDE and I liked it a lot. I started using GNU/linux with SuSE and learnt a lot of things with the powerful KDE and all its applications. However since I switched to Debian and installed Gnome by default I grew so used to it that now I can't do without it. (Even though I also like LXDE a lot and on occasion I enjoy the Midnight Commander, a personal favourite)

Last weekend I installed Lenny on Aelita (Acer Aspire laptop) with KDE just for a change but man, I had to go back to Gnome again. It's the one I feel more comfortable with and  besides it is not so bloated with applications that constantly distract your attention. Anyway I might try KDE on future releases. Even though I'm not much excited about the 4.x series.