13 March 2009

Highschool meeting

Today is Friday 13th, not a good sign for some people. However, it's a real lucky day for me. I'm really excited about a highschool meeting we are going to celebrate after 25 years. It's  not today, it's going to take place some time during Spring. But it's the great news of the week. The story went more or less like this.

Of all the people I met back in high school I was only in touch with one. All the others had disappeared from my life.  That person told me that there was a new group in Facebook made up of our old acquaintances. I had closed my facebook account because as I said in another post this year, I consider it a waste of time. I reopened it because nostalgia was stronger than me this time. And there they are, some look older, some look exactly the same they did 25 years ago. As if time hadn't passed for them. I don't know which category I fit in. I like to think that I haven't changed much but others will tell.

It's an excellent occasion to remember dreams from the past, infatuations and well,  just great memories. I've been daydreaming the entire week, imagining our meeting. 

I'll keep you informed as time progresses.
Note: There are other news to comment, but they can't compare to this one. I'll leave them for a better occasion, say next week.