07 March 2009

Backtrack 3 usb with Compiz experimental

This week I have been playing with the usb install of Backtrack 3. A remote-exploit distribution based on slackware. Now there is a beta of number 4. But in the meantime I have been testing the usb with their first boot option which is (Compiz experimental) The curious thing about it is that I tested it on my eeepc. And it works great!!! I wish I had a screenshot or rather a photograph.

Well the system freezes sometimes but after a whole week I've only had to reboot on three occasions, which I consider a reasonable thing for an experimental project in my hands. Apart from that I must admit that it is a fantastic distro.

But I may be a bit too biased here because I have followed the project from the very beginning and I love it.  I'm also a huge fan of kismet and airsnort (both included). Besides the live scripts come from Slax which is out of this world for me.

It all may seem too good to be true. But it is real!!! Give it a try and see for yourself!!!