02 September 2015

pharc v.5.0 released

Today I released pharc v.5.0. You can find it in the usual places:

The downloads page (Includes the raw script and the .deb package):


The git repo, now hosted at gitlab, since gitorious closed down:


deb package 5.0.1

raw script pharc5

And the wiki:

pharc has now all the features and options I envisioned through all these years of development. From now on I only intend to make bug fixes and minor changes.
Thanks for using pharc!
pharc (5.0-1)
  • v.5.0
    • Add '-A|--all' option to archive all years at once.
  • v.4.0
    • Changed shebang to #!/bin/sh to make script more portable.
    • Improved if[...]else statements to make script more robust.
    • Added functionality to choose year of archive.
    • Added functionality to specify several years in one go.
    • Added '-l|--list' option to list unarchived phlog posts.
    • Logging by default to "$HOME/pharc.log"
    • Split code into functions.
    • Added option '-d|--delete to delete the log file.
  • v.3.0
    • Added option -a to specify year of archive (Redundant).
    • Added -v (version information option).
    • Added -h (help menu).
    • Added -y (year of the archive).
    • Help function (usage).
    • Improve coding style.
    • Leave a backup of gophermap -> gophermap~ (in case things break).
    • Test before echoing "You're done now. Thanks for using pharc."
  • v.2.0
    • Updating for mkphlog v.0.2
    • Adding version number 2.0
    • Adding license (2012)
  • Initial release.