30 March 2015

Screenshot of the week 12

Screenshots are a great way of showing the world how cool your computer setup is, but at the same time they are also a reminder of what you were doing at a certain moment in time or a way of tracing how your likes and dislikes have changed over the years. I have been taking screenshots for years, but I started publishing them on a regular basis on 10 June 2011 (See screenshots label). That was when I started my "Screenshot of the week" series. And here I am again with its 12th installment.

In the series you were usually presented with the applications I used or the wallpapers I liked for some reason. Only very rarely did I show you any insight of what I was doing on my spare time. This has to change! Last weekend I watched again last year's (2014) Victoria's Secret fashion show. Each year it is getting better and better, more spectacular, entertaining and fun.

I took several screenshots at different intervals of the show. Notice that I use i3 as window manager and SMPlayer to watch these videos. (I normally use vlc but it constantly pixelates .mkv videos, so sad) 

The first one shows gorgeous Behati opening the show. (It was stunning, with a medley of Bob Seger's Hollywood Nights):

The second one is a great picture of Candice and Doutzen (in the line-up), two of the most beautiful girls in the world:

And last but not least, Adriana and Alessandra, the best models in the history of the world, talking about the impressive outfits they were going to wear in the "Exotic traveller" section. The two of them are out of this world, I love them so much...