29 September 2014

My first cut-throat razor experience

Well, I finally gathered the strength to try my first cut-throat (also called straight) razor. All I can say is: "Man, if you like aggressive shaving, look no further." Nothing, not even the sharpest double edge blades I have tried in my life can compare to using a straight razor.

I must admit it is very difficult to use. I guess it takes several weeks until you can properly shave with one of them, but I have to say that the first experience was not really bad at all. Not a single cut or nick!!! Good for me!!!

Here are some pics I took:

* After taking a shower I applied the shaving soap. It is La Toja soap, made in Spain. It is a great shaving soap with a lovely scent. If you've never used it, you should give it a try.

 * Applying the lather with a brush. Badger brushes are considered among the best ones. They are soft and play well with water.

* Here is the cut-throat razor ready to be used. It is easy to learn how to hold it in your hand correctly. I had never had one but it feels pretty natural to hold one from the very first moment.

* Actually shaving. I started with the sideburns. I was not afraid to cut myself in that area. Then I did the area under the nostrils, the neck and the lower lip. I wasn't brave enough to shave the chin though. I was really afraid to cut the skin in that area. I sure need more practice.

* In this last picture, you can see the results, but be warned that I'm lying here. The results were by far *not* that good. I shaved myself again with a regular DE razor. Why am I publishing the picture then? Just to prove that there are no cuts or nicks whatsoever and that I survived my first cut-throat razor experience.

I will practice until I master the art of classic shaving. There is plenty of things to learn but I'm willing to take the challenge. (Thanks again to my friend Mr. Frood for encouraging me to get the razor).