07 February 2012

nvlc - ncurses vlc

Last week I discovered nvlc installed on one of my Debian laptops. It was in fact installed in all my Debian boxes. I scratched my head at first because I didn't remember ever having installed it and what is more, I discovered that it isn't even a package. It comes with vlc player.

Well, I played with it for a while just to find out that with nvlc you can do almost everything you do with vlc. It can for instance, write to the framebuffer so you can watch video. What is more, having a curses interface makes it easy to use. It was nice and that was it. However today I thought about a great use that I can give to it.

I'm right now sitting at my eeepc *yumi*, but my music collection is in my main desktop *odd*. From here I ssh into the box and launch *nvlc*. Then I can select the songs I want to listen to, raise the volume and do other things, as if this small netbook were  a remote.

Awesome isn't it?. nvlc, welcome to my pool.

Here is a screenshot: