06 February 2011

Installation of Squeeze

As I told you yesterday. Debian 6.0.0 code name Squeeze has been released today. I had already installed it on my laptops but not yet on my desktops. Today I have installed it on Odd. F.hopper  will have to wait for some time until I have some afternoon free.

I've had some issues, but they were of little or of no importance at all. The strangest one was that the installer didn't install gnome. I had to manually do it later on the terminal after the installation had finished. Other things were related to the fact that new software has new features and I still have to get used to some of these changes.

Well, evolution does not work properly. It didn't work after freeze either. I suppose the team will provide a fix soon.

Well it's a bit late now. I'll tell you more on another occasion.