09 May 2009

Grudge against the world

I've got a great wireless internet connection (3 MB down and 1 MB up). Sometimes however I have to wait too long to load a simple page and what seems to be a lifetime to connect to my mail server. It's supposed to happen only when internet is overloaded which no doubt coincides when I'm free to surf the net.  

I've also got a brand new TV aerial and a plasma set with a built-in TDT adapter. Most days however I keep getting the "No signal" warning again and again. So I can't watch my favourite programme and  have to switch to any other channel.

So what is the conclusion? Well I don't know what to think or who to blame. Is it that there is not enough planification and things have gone out of control. Is it that I'm living in a country in which technology has overcome us. Or maybe that all these new technologies really stink and that we are living a great lie after all? All these advances in the end  seem to be a big step backwards.

What should I do now? Poweroff my laptop at once and go to bed? or maybe I should resign and continue living this lie?

ps: It's something similar to what happens when there is an electric power outage. In the past it was possible to use phones, cook or even use water (Among other things). Nowadays when there is an electrical failure, we can't use our mobiles or even drink a coffee. It's sad but true, we are going backwards!!!