09 April 2009

Backup schedule

I always backup important data. I might even say that I'm a bit obsessed with backups, especially when it is about irrecoverable things such as photographs.

In the past I used to make security copies from time to time (Quite randomly) but after my hard disk crash I decided to schedule a series of backups just in case. From now on I am going to:

EVERY MONTH: Backup important data once a month. I'll make two copies one on cd/pendrive and one sent to a security server.
EVERY TRIMESTER: Backup the entire home directory to dvd.
EVERY YEAR: (As usual) Everything that's valuable on my network. Documents, pictures, other files, scripts, configurations, programs ...

The great thing about backups is that GNU/Linux offers several excellent tools (Graphical and command line) to regularly carry out your security copies. Once you get the perfect setup you can do all these routine operations unattended because there is GNU/Linux backing you up.You get the pun here?