07 February 2009

EyeOS in the sky

I learnt about eyeOS on a TV programme long ago, maybe two years from now. I had tried several times to download their software but I suppose that back then their servers were far too busy after appearing on TV.

Yesterday as I was playing with Google docs and wondering how many more features they were going to implement I thought that Google is almost a hidden OS or let's call it a light OS. I suddenly remembered eyeOS. I had retained the name I supposed due to so many times trying to unsuccessfully download it.

And I finally could!!! eyeOS is a wonderful piece of software, it is an open source web based operating system. A real destop on a web browser which can be accessed from any computer. You can have your data safely stored on the servers. Although it is not complex, it has got many programs, including word processors, ftp client and even games. The site administrator can install more applications from their repositories.

First I opened an account on their server. Which is extremely easy since you only need a name and a password. I liked it so much that I installed an eyeOS server on my apache web server straightaway. I only had to install PHP 5. And it works perfectly. I have installed several applications including serveral available languages.

It's definitely worth trying. Imagine having your desktop anytime anywhere over the net. Sounds nice!!! and anyway I think that is going to be the rule for the future. In this respect I sincerely think they are making history.