11 January 2009

Debian 5.0 Lenny

Last week I installed Debian Lenny in my desktop machine. I had tried Lenny live and had it installed in my netbook, but I hadn't installed it in my network server yet.

I read in the Debian Project News that they are waiting for the debian installer to be ready to finally release Lenny. The installer developers suggest trying the installer which is a RC1 and send a report even if the installation is successful (Which was my case). Here is the installation-report I sent them.
As you can imagine I am writing this post using Lenny. The only regret I have is that I've grown so fond of Etch that I Know for sure I'll miss it. It is so stable and works so fine that I have to come to terms with the idea of letting go. I hope Lenny is the right substitute to take up Etch's place. I'm sure it is!!!