06 January 2011

Things I've done this week.

The Magi have brought presents and also new things to do. Not following any special order ...

- Now I can say I can really surf the net with my  Alcatel X060 usb modem (Simyo). I do not use it much because I have an awesome wireless lan connection. I only use the modem to read mail when I'm not home. So far the speed was of 45-50 kbps. There was just  no way of loading webpages. But now with 3G networks I get speeds of 2000 kbps. Not bad at all. Here is a speed test: (By the way, it works great in linux with network-manager.)

- I have improved the installation of Squeeze in the eeepc. I have plugged in a usb pendrive and have made two partitions there. One mounted as /home and another one as swap. This way I have more space left for the root filesystem. This afternoon I'll configure evolution and I think that will be all for the moment. Yesterday I installed Radiotray which is an awesome program to listen to the radio with just one click. I listen to Radio Paradise and Absolute Radio Classic Rock.

- I have also installed a SATA controller in the main server with a hard disk of 500 GB. It adds extra "needless" storage but it is ok. The only problem is that the bios is not capable of booting from that drive. Too bad. I may find a way to do it someday.

- I have also been fighting hard trying to organize the mess of cables behind the computer's desk but there was just no way. I've done my best though.

- Install Squeeze on my desktop machines.
- Buy present for my nephew's birthday.
- Configure evolution on eeepc.
- Send mail.