31 October 2012


Pou is a little alien pet that you have to take care of, feed, clean and play with. It is available as an android app and it turns out to be one of the most highly addictive games ever. I leave here some screenshots playing, eating, sleeping ... If I can keep it alive and it grows older I will publish some more pics.

20 October 2012

Welcome xana

At the moment of writing this post, I'm installing debian sid in my new laptop. Its hostname is xana, this name makes perfect sense because sid is considered the bad boy and so is xana in the Code Lyoko series. I also added it to my profile.
It is a lenovo. I saw it at the computer store and I just couldn't resist. An impressive machine with an excellent price. Besides, I had been meaning to get one of these for a long time.

In order to install it I tried the Beta 3 netinstall 64 bits but it complained that it was unable to read the files from the installation media. I tried the same Beta 3 but for 32 bits and it worked like a breeze. The debian-installer defaults to wheezy so I have only installed the base system and when done, I have edited /etc/apt/sources.list to add:
 deb sid main contrib non-free
And as usual apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade. Everything goes very fast if you have a good internet connection.
Now it has finished upgrading to sid, see? that was fast ;)
The final step for me is:
root@xana:/home/chals# apt-get install xfce4 && apt-get clean
And of course, I'll also have to install and configure other software like for example xfce4-goodies but I will have plenty of time tomorrow. It'll be Sunday and it is raining cats and dogs, so ...
Note: Do not think that I'm cheating because I have already published a picture when the graphical system is still not up and running. I booted the machine first using a debian-live usb stick to see if everything worked out of the box (in case I should need to load any firmware), but I didn't have to worry about that. Everything works just fine.

06 October 2012

Hacker's keyboard for android

Yeah, an absolute must have if you need a real keyboard on your android device. I had been looking for such a keyboard for a long time since I bought my phone. And I tried several of them but none comes closer to Hacker's Keyboard.
Some other keyboards have additional keys like AltTab or Esc but they do not work very well. They are useless, so to speak. This one has them all, function keys and even Pgup and Pgdn. Now I simply can't imagine using my android devices without it. Thank you guys.
Their website is here