25 August 2011


Moles are dynamic content scripts run by a Gopher server This last week I have been experimenting with them a little bit.

My first mole

This first one was a little naive, just to get the gist of how moles work:


You can imagine the output of this script...

My second mole

This is the original code of the script. I had to strip it down a bit for it to properly work. But I'm including here this version as a starting point for a future revision and improvement. (You're warned. This mole has flaws!!!)


 #This mole creates a digest of the main text content of my gopher site.

 cd ~/gopher

 if test -d ~/gopher/digest; then
  cd ~/gopher/digest
  mkdir ~/gopher/digest
  cd ~/gopher/digest

 echo "This is a digest of the most important text content of the gopher
 version of chalsattack. It is automatically created by a script for
 the very lazy people, too lazy even to navigate the site. Enjoy." > at_a_glance.txt

 #TODO:Add suffix .txt to files to be able to use *.txt and skip silly steps -->

 cp ~/gopher/presentation ~/gopher/digest
 cp ~/gopher/chalsattack/about ~/gopher/digest
 cp ~/gopher/chalsattack/history ~/gopher/digest


 for i in $FILES
 cat $i >> at_a_glance.txt

 cat at_a_glance.txt

 #Notify me if the script is run #MAD short for Mail ADdress

 echo "Mole out of the hole!!!" > ~/gopher/digest/mole.txt
 echo $(date) >> ~/gopher/digest/mole.txt
 cat ~/gopher/digest/mole.txt | mutt -s "Automatically sent report" $MAD

 #Please turn off the lights and take the garbage out!!!
 #rm -r ~/gopher/digest > /dev/null 2>&1

21 August 2011

YAPP (Yet Another Penguin/Present)

This is a present I got from my elder nephew. He knows how keen on penguins I am. And he likes them quite a lot as well, especially the "Penguins of Madagascar". Do you fancy guessing which one this is...We haven't been able to figure it out as of now.

Thank you. love.

Crystal clear

This is a very original present I got from some really dear friends of mine some weeks ago. I have the picture already stored on my hard drive now so it is time to publish it as I promised.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. love you.