16 January 2011

Home Network

I created my home network in 2005 when I bought Aelita. That was 6 years ago. I remember the first time that I could print from the laptop using samba. It was a great experience. Then came other network services: Telnet, ssh, ftp, vnc ... Wow!!! It's hard to recall them all.

But throughout these years I thought that my  machines were just that, a battery of hard workers performing a job. I had never had the feeling that every computer attached to my network was what they actually are: A perfect piece of the puzzle. Now I can clearly see that they have all become a powerful group of soldiers forming an army. After some time it does not matter what computer I'm sitting at. From one to another I can perform the same day to day tasks and retrieve any files or whatever I need. Especially since I installed the ftp server.

No need to say that the power of Debian GNU/Linux has helped me a lot. It provides all the necessary tools to build up such a wonderful home network as the one I'm so proud of.