19 September 2021

17 January 2021

Craig Ferguson

I do not remember ever posting anything about him on this blog before. Maybe I have but in case I have not,  it is high time to do so. I must say: I like Craig Ferguson a lot, I like his sense of humour ever since I started watching The late late show years ago. I remember his interview with Adriana Lima back in the day and many many more...

I like him so much that I immediately bought his latest book Riding the elephant as soon as I knew it was published. I do not have a lot of time to read because I work long hours but I am really enjoying it. There are all kinds of stories, some are sad, some are hilarious but behind all of them there is him, the narrator, the fun Craig. Today I couldn't stop laughing reading chapter 15, there is a quote "Fear would have you believe it starts with a capital letter, but it doesn't, not unless you put it at the start of a sentence or name our cat after it" 

It is just an example of his wit. I could really be talking about him for a long time since I watched his tv shows for years, but I think that if you are any curious you can check online and see for yourself. 

Have a good weekend guys

01 January 2021

Our star


05 December 2020

Good coffee!

Last Sunday I had a nice cup of coffee after breakfast. The message on the cup called my attention. 

I usually drink black tea at home, I like tea quite a lot, but nothing beats the smell of good coffee in the morning.

08 November 2020

An internet internet radio

When I was younger I spent many many hours listening to the BBC World service and Absolute radio. The problem was that it was very difficult to tune in stations due to the distance. 

Now almost all the content is broadcast on the internet which makes it easier to listen to stations from all over the world. 

Using a regular receiver is becoming very impractical, so I got an internet radio that uses wifi to connect to the world. It is absolutely fantastic. My life has changed a little bit to the better.

I bought it through the internet, that is why I call it an internet internet radio. 

UPDATE (11-01-21): I still think the radio set is fantastic but every one or two weeks it fails to connect to the wifi, So I have to turn it off and on and everything works just fine again. I know that turning it off and on is a fairly poor debugging strategy but it just works. 

18 October 2020

Dark cloud up ahead

A cloud made of super noisy birds