02 January 2011

Squeeze on eeepc 701. Success!!!

Yesterday I told you I was trying to install Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 codenamed Squeeze on my tiny toy eeepc 701. I couldn't, but late at night I saw a ray of hope when I downloaded a hybrid-iso image from The installer seemed to work just right but it was time to go to bed.

Today I have successfully installed Squeeze on the eeepc and it was a blast. Seriously, the installer was a breeze. Awesome work again of the d-i team.

The process is plain. I copied the hybrid-iso image to a usb pendrive:

$ dd if=debian-squeeze-live-beta2-i386-gnome-desktop.iso of=/dev/sda

Then I booted the eeepc from the usb pressing Esc at boot time and selecting the usb drive. I checked everything was working fine in live mode and finally launched the installer (There is an icon on the desktop so you only have to click it)
That's it!!!

My model of eeepc only has 4GB of disk space so I have removed some applications I do not use with it (openoffice) and installed some I do use (abiword) It's a fierce fight for space!!!

The ethernet and wifi interfaces work out of the box. Now I only have to configure a new connection to use my Alcatel X060 usb modem when I am not at home. Here you can see a screenshot of the desktop with dropbox already at work.
And here is a picture where you can see why I love my eeepc so much. I even use it as TV with kaffeine(Watching Code Lyoko lol). The only nuisance is that I have to copy the firmware of the dvb-t usb stick to /lib/firmware. But that is just once; I have written it down here just as a reminder for other occasions in case I have to reinstall.