03 February 2008

This is day one!!!

Hi, welcome to my blog.
Now we're off on a journey together as long as you remain here by my side.

I'll publish my first picture here. This is a nice start!!!

01 February 2008

First Post!

This is my blog. You'll see that I do not publish posts very often even though I do write them on my mind almost everyday. Sometimes I drop the ideas because I do not believe they are interesting enough but most of the times it is just because it takes some time until the entry is written down, accompanied by its attachments and uploaded to the server.

Besides, if that is not enough I also have to update the mirror sites. And that turns out not being very handy.

 Another drawback is that this blog is not very well organized. My mistake! but this is a situation that I must change, so I'll write it on top of my todo list.  

- Organize Blog
- Post more often
- Upload to the server automatically
- Forget about meaningless attachments
- Improve mirror sites