26 November 2008

Site update!!!

I'm about to finish updating the site. I'm trying to improve some sections (mainly the blog, including my personal profile) and give it a new look for next year, although I'll probably publish it next month.

I have decided to freeze the mirror sites until I have them ready. There is quite a lot of work to do so I have disabled the links from this site. But this does not mean that they are not up and running, for they in fact are. If anyone knows the url they can perfectly access them as usual.

09 November 2008

My second greatest discovery!!!

I'm not very fond of social networks. They are entertaining and fun but they are a highly time-consuming activity to little or no avail. Last week I signed up for Facebook  since I was curious about this famous network. It's not bad, but I do not think I'll continue with it for long.

I have also signed up for I was amazed to discover such an incredible site. It is similar to an online radio station. Only that you can choose what you want to listen to. Yes it's true, you type the name of any group and then you are presented with a series of groups of the same style. Each song is accompanied by the cd cover plus a short biography of the band. Registered users can comment on the songs, get recommendations, join groups and also build a personal audio library. 

Simply that, 24/7 without pauses or ads. Simply awesome!!! Again, I'm still amazed. I can assure that this is the second greatest discovery after years surfing the net. My first one was GNU/Linux.